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The Beast of the Middle East

In the map below if Palestine was a human body, Israel would be a Cancer and a kind of a Tumor that spread itself through that body . This would not have happened unless with the help of the west ( England , Europe and the United States of America .)

Looking at that map any normal human being can understand how inhuman Israel is crawling and occupying the Palestinian land, against all international laws and human rights and orders.

Through the years  The body of course tried to repel the cancer

1948 Israel made war against a number of Arab countries

1956 Israel hiding behind England and France, made war against Egypt

1967 Israel attacked Egypt and occupied the Sinai n what was known by the six days war.

1973  Egypt got rid of the cancer that occupied the Sinai.

1982 Israel made war against Lebanon and occupied the south of it for many years.

Finally in 2006 the war on Lebanon  was staged , planed and executed by  Israel and its biggest ally America.

This war on Lebanon represented by the Arab resistance "Hezbollah" is the subject of this site.

After Israel was beaten in the 1973 war  and expelled out of the Sinai , Israel is beaten again for the second time


This is what the Israeli army was trained for,

to intimidate old women and helpless children

How long you need to get rid of Hezbollah ?

 Asked America to the Israelis ????

Only few days and we will get rid of Hezbollah said the Israelis

But Hezbollah had other plans for the Israeli army


Israelis running for their lives.

What happened to the Israeli best trained, best equipped army in the world !!!????

This is what happened !
Corps of the Israelis best trained army soldiers everywhere


Dead Israeli soldiers

And more dead Israelis

defeated Israelis

America please help us !!!






More weeping but it is too late.


The beasts of the Middle east

Those are the Zionists who introduced terrorism and wars in the Middle East, those are the pioneers of terrorism, those are the children killers



In the Jewish religion it is permitted and allowed to kill Children, so said their Rabbis .


But Hezbollah Has not the habit to kill children, Hezbollah knew better whom to kill !






Defeat and desperation


More casualties

More regrets

Hezbollah made the Israeli army  see the world upside down !!!!


To prevent it from showing the disastrous IDF defeat. Israel made many attempts to destroy Hezbollah TV station but it did not succeed.

The following are shots from El Manar TV channel of Hezbollah, that criminal Olmert and his Gang did not want you to see


Right: Ambushed IDF  convoy


Left: Israeli Tank being destroyed

Left : More than a dozen dead Israeli soldiers


 Right : More Israeli corps.




The Israelis wanted to stop the war, but the American administration ordered them to continue, hoping they could get rid of Hezbollah. The matter was not the two Israeli soldiers made prisoners, the matter was America had plans for the Middle East.

But as the Israelis were loosing the war, America through Condoleezza Rice sent them smart destructive bombs to kill

as many children and civilians as possible, hoping that it would make the Lebanese people stand against Hezbollah and Nasrallah But the diabolic scheme did not work !! Allah is greater than those satanic people.

The Israeli army was more busy collecting the dead and the wounded than fighting.



At the end one can deduce that it was a " Nasrallah " in English it means Victory of God

Cherif Loutfi

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